Automate the Process of Gathering References

Employee-Check is a complete online candidate reference platform designed by recruitment experts to save you money and remove much of the administrative hassle from the process of gathering references.

References are requested and submitted securely online. Employee-Check is delivered over the internet and can be configured to streamline every aspect of the process. All emails and forms are generated automatically with no administrative input required.

Collect the information you need, forms can be tailored to your specific requirements. Log in from anywhere, from any browser. Get a real-time overview of the status of each candidate and which stage of the process they have reached.


PIXID Group is the European leader in end-to-end cloud-based recruitment solutions.

We turn smart technology into bottom-line results for agencies and organisations of all sizes, across practically every industry sector. So it will come as no surprise that the Financial Times named Pixid as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.  www.pixid.fr/en

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Our Charity of the Year

The Pixid UK team believes strongly in giving back to the community, so we're proud to name KidsOut as our charity of the year.

KidsOut gives disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of our society and workforce. www.kidsout.org.uk


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